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Our desire to strive for the perfect balance of stability, soft dry ride and space has led us to our latest concept, The X series hull alloy pontoon boat.

The first issue we addressed was to make a wider boat, the key element to doing this was to achieve extra beam but not require extra horse power to push a wider surface through the water
We did this by adding tapering down turned chines to the hull, by doing this we could step the pontoon out further to increase internal beam, also meant the pontoons were slightly lifted so not to cause any drag in the water once planning as they are clear.

The tapering chines are better able to deal with spray deflection as they are a nice flowing curve with a more aggressive downturn than what has been able to achieved by relying on pontoons alone for this task. Thus making a much drier ride as spray is thrown further from the boat and in a downward direction where the wind is less likely to pick it up and throw it at you.


DNA Pontoon designs are unique in that they taper towards the bow, a difficult feature to manufacture but made easier with computer design, a feature Jason says makes them a smarter boat as the pontoons toward the front remain out of the water at rest and serve no purpose other than to provide flotation if swamped, however the tapered pontoons are still designed to retain sufficient reserve buoyancy.

This also enables a smoother, more comfortable ride due to not having a large bulky mass trying to punch through the waves, also creating a sleeker more streamlined appearance.

Pontoons are divided into individual air tight chambers as well as sealed tread plate floors, all of which are pressure tested to 5psi, creating a virtually unsinkable boat


Our X series pontoon hulls feature full flat floors, meaning no angular section of hull beyond the edge of the floor to where it meets the pontoon join.

Our hulls also feature a toe space where you can actually hook you’re feet in underneath the pontoon giving you more positive grip stance and allowing you to stand closer to the edge so you do not have to lean out as far before you’re upper legs contact the gunnels.


Our range of hard tops feature curved glass front windscreens for sensational unrestricted vision. Combined with sweeping curved panels and smart tapering folds to create a superior aesthetic boat.


Weld quality, strength and cosmetic appearance is something the DNA team pride them selves on in both processes of GTAW (TIG) and GMAW (Mig) Welding.

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