WHERE it all started


Proudly New Zealand owned & Operated


DNA boats founder and Managing Director Jason Elvines has a passion for designing and building aluminium boats, “it’s in my DNA”

Jason has grown up enjoying New Zealands great outdoors for it’s hunting and fishing.

In the beginning Jason built himself a small boat. Such was the interest in it, it quickly sold to a friend. Building himself another, with alterations in design, it was not long until this one was also sold. Thus began the early stages of DNA boats. In 2006 at age of 21 Jason finished his apprenticeship and started up Ace Engineering NZ Ltd which began designing and manufacturing Aluminium Boats.

The DNA brand was launched two years later in 2008. The company has now grown to a Team of 10 turning out fine Aluminium boats. Jason still remains very much hands on in the design and production side of the business, as well as the sales role accompanied and supported by his wife Melissa.

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